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Algarve with new Citizen Assistence Service

Algarve with new Citizen Assistence Service

Algarve is opening a new Loja do Cidadão- The Citizen Assistence Service. The portuguese equivalent to a sort of Citizens Bureau, known as Loja do Cidadão, is opening one more station in Tavira, the second in Faro, to assist it's citizens.

Algarve is improving the quality of every-day-life services, and it's starting with the creation of a  brand new Citizen Assistance Service, 'Loja do Cidadão'.

The portuguese equivalent to a sort of Citizens Bureau, known as Loja do Cidadão, is opening one more station in Tavira, the second in Faro.

This will provide it's services to the citizens of Algarve, and to those spending time in Algarve that require citizenship services, like:

  • Municipal Information: Including touristic informations, Educational, Social Work, Culture, Sport, Parks, Social Housing, Cemeteries, and many other;

  • General Administration: the multiple laws and requirements you need, licences and certificate requests, cards, submission of candidacy various programmes, military service and registry for European Union citizenship;

  • And also, urban administration services such as: licensing, registration and other requests, or complaints, like consultancy for procedures, surveys and prolonging deadlines.

The new Citizen Assistence Service had its opening on August ,31, and it's caracterized by its inovative technologies in assisting the citizens. This will includes not only the traditional helpdesk with assitants, but also multi-services helpdesks.

This new citizen service point will be at the very heart of Faro, in the new shopping Mall, Tavira Gran Plaza.

It is predicted that Algarve shall receive another Citizen Assistance Service point in Portimão, soon enough.


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