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Swine flu Prevention in Algarve

Swine flu Prevention in Algarve

Algarve is the 1st region to create special sites to treat H1N1 virus.

The regional Administration of the Algarvian region has open three Swine Flu Treatment Services to help prevent and identify suine flu cases in strategic points of this region.

Algarve is where most cases of contamination of H1N1 virus has revealed itself in Portugal, though it is not yet considered a local epidemy.

Algarve is the first region to create special places to treat this flu, and the ones dedicated to swine flu are the ones in the Loulé's Healthcare Centre, Portimão's Healthcare Centre and Tavira's Healthcare Centre.

Those services have ambulatory care for those with flu symptoms, which heps prevent from contaminating others with the virus.

Although all those services are prepared to accept the pacients with flu symptoms, it's advised that you call to Linha de Saúde 24 [808 24 24 24], the number for healthcare information, and inform the health autorities what's your location and your symptoms, so they can take measures to assist you at your arrival at the hospital.

Despite being the most affected area in Portugal, Algarve has the same levels of contamination as any other beach region from south europe.

The use of the protective mask is mandatory to those infected with the H1N1 virus. Disobedience may be punished, and lead to jail.


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