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Beyond the Beaches - Sightseeing in Algarve

Beyond the Beaches - Sightseeing in Algarve

Algarve is very known by its beaches but there's a lot more than that.
If you enjoy hiking, you can always go to the Nature Reserve of Castro Marim, where you are able to see the most rare birds living on Portugal, like flamingos.

As you know, Portugal is a very rich country when it comes to history and traditions. There you so much you can visit, have fun and feel like you have been there in the past.

In Mértola and Alcoutim you can visit its castles and museums with a lot of Roman and Arabic pieces. You can visit the Roman village of Milreu (8 km away from Faro).

In Vilamoura you can walk by the marina and see the pretty boats and do some shopping on the many stores.

In Monchique you can get some rest on the spa or hiking on the mountain.

You cannot leave Algarve without visiting Faro. Go hiking on the mountain or just enjoy the beautiful view; eat some good seafood on the best restaurants of Faro.

If you like to climb there are so many places where you can practise those skills. Check here

You can see on the menu Monuments and Sightseeing, a lot of places to visit to enjoy what Algarve offers besides the great beaches.



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