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Dom Rodrigos

Dom Rodrigos

Dom Rodrigos are great tipical dessert from Algarve, and very known as well. Just like Morgadinhos Dom Rodrigos are probably the most caracteristic desserts from Algarve. It's name comes from a nobility name. The little cakes are made of eggs and its an excelent dessert. This is how you can make them yourself:


  • 1 bowl of egg threads (angel hair)
  • 1 bowl of  de sweet egg ("doce de ovos") with almond
  • sugar and cinnamon to powder


With your hands wet, pull apart small portions of egg threads. Shaped them in rollers, and leave a cavity, in wich you'll be putting a teaspoon portion of sweet egg with almond. Reshape the egg threads so that it covers the sweet.
Repite this process until the two ingridients are over.
Alfter you finish making the rollers, put in a iron frying pan a little of the juice from the egg threads (tablespoon). heat it, and then put the little sweet you formed in there.
Cook it slowly, in a low temperature, until they're golden, but keep turning and swirling them, so they can be evenly golden.
Let them cool. Join cinnamon to the sugar and powder the sweets. Wrap them in silver paper with its extremities cut artisticaly.


...So tasty!

  • Queijinhos de Amêndoa (almond cake)

    Queijinhos de Amêndoa means little almond cheeses. It's a easy recipe you can try anytime. That's how you do it : Ingredients: - 250g sugar - 250g almond - 2 egg white - sweet eggs ("doce de ovos") to taste

  • Almond Pie

    This recipe is the Algarve way of doing an almond pie, wich in portuguese it's called " Tarte de Amêndoa ". This recipe has 2 processes: One for the crust pie; the second for the filling. The Crust pastry : Ingredients : 200g flour 1

  • Queijo de Figo (Fig Cake)

    ' Q ueijo de Figo', means Fig Cheese , although this recipe is not a cheese cake , nor it has any kind of cheese. t's name is cheese because of its final color and aspect. A very good tradicional dessert specifically from Algarve.

  • Chila Cake

    Bolo de Chila means Chila Cake, wich is a cake made of a jam made of a specific type of pumpkin, named Chila. This is a regional dessert from Algarve. This is how it's done: Ingredients: 250g sugar 250g almond crumb 20g

  • Sagres Honey Cake

    Bolo de Mel à Moda de Sagres means Sagres Honey Cake. This is a type of cake you might find in all Algarve, although it's typical from a specific area of Algarve, Sagres. This is how you do a honey cake Sagres style: Ingredients:

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  • Morgadinhos de Amêndoa (almond cake)

    Morgadinhos de Amêndoa in a tipical dessert from Algarve, and very known as well. Morgadinhos de Amendoa together with Dom Rodrigos are probably the most caracteristic desserts from Algarve. It's name comes from the name of the nobility



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