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Faro Cathedral

Faro Cathedral

The Faro Cathedral was build after Cristian Reconquest, on the 13th century.


After a fire, on 1596, by the british troops invasion,  the gothic Cathedral had a reconstruction work, the same happened after the  1755 earthquake.


To know more

  • Paderne roman bridge - Quarteira

    This roman bridge named Paderne is located by the Quarteira river and the castle of Paderne. There is a number, year of 1711, registered on the central arch, when the bridge was remodeled, some transformation work of the structure.  

  • Almoáda Castle - Albufeira

    This castle was raised on the 11th century, by Almoáda, being part of a defense line on the zone of Albufeira, that D. Sancho I  had conquer in 1189, to become again arabs property. To know more

  • Roman Villa - Alcoutim

    The archaelogy station of Villa Romana is located by Laranjeiras, Alcoutim, a very beautiful spot, by the Guadiana river, yet far away from the golden sand and cristaline water beaches.    There is always so much to discover on this region,

  • Alcoutim Castle

    The region of Alcoutim was conquered by the arabs on the reign of Sancho II, around the year of 1240, therefore building a new castle.   After 1640, on the Independence Restoration War, the king Afonso VI had improved the castles and its

  • Aljezur Castle

    This castle was arised by the Arabs.  On the reign of Manuel I there was some transformation work  but later on the 15th century it was abandoned. The famous 1755 earthquake destroyed the castle and its structure and it was only

  • Castro Marim Castle

    It's one of the most historic places in Portugal. Castro Marim was a very estrategic place, commercial wise with the Mediterranean people for many centuries. Also, a lot of kings lived there and battles were there planned.

  • São Sebastião

    From S. Sebastião Fort you have an amazing view of Algarve.   It's a very historic place as well, since it was the main  of Algarve, besides its Castle, really close to the border, during the reign of João IV, on the Portuguese Independence

  • Nossa Senhora dos Mártires Church - Castro Marim

    By the Castro Marim Castle there is Nossa Senhora dos Mártires Church, one of the ex-libris of Algarve. It was builded on the 18th centurybut it was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake, it had a reconstruction work through the years. In 1960

  • Roman ruins of Milreu - Faro

    Ruins of Milreu is part of a Roman Village of the 3rd century, located by Estoi, north of Faro.    It's a very interesting spot to visit.   More here

  • Estói Palace - Faro

    Estoi Palace was finished on the 20th century and it is part of a architectonic complex on four hectare.   It has french-style gardens, very well decorated with statues and trees.    This palace is about to become an

  • Castle of Lagos

    It's one of the most important Castles of Portugal, since the region of Lagos was ocuppied by people in Pre-History period, Visigoth and Muçulmans.   Lagos had a very important role on the Portuguese Discoveries, since many ships have

  • Roman Ruins Cerro da Vila of Loulé

    On the touristic complex of Vilamoura, there are placed the  Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila. It was a very important commercial port (for international exchanges), since there were a lot of good resources, lke water.    It's a

  • Bones Chapel of Alcantarilha - Silves

    The Bones Chapel is located by the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Church, arised on the 16th century, in the historical center of Alcantarilha, Silves.   In the chapel you can see more than 1500 human bones, and a 16th century's Christ figure

  • Silves Castle

    The Castle of Silves, arised on the 11th century, is the biggest one on Algarve and the best example of the islamic architecture in Portugal.    It is one of the oldest regions being ocupied by many people like the romans &

  • Sagres Fortress

    The Sagres Fortress is a very interesting spot to visit in Algarve. You'll get the chance to enjoy an amazing view of the Atlantic.  It was builded by Henrique, the Navigator, request on the 15th century and it was a very



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