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The Portuguese gastronomy is very rich, full of flavours and great variety of dishes.

Each region has it's own special and tipical gastronomy. In Algarve you can taste some of the best in the whole country.

The portuguese food includes fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. Despite this, the codfish is largely consumed in Portugal. Although it is imported from other countries, the codfish represents a Portuguese tradition, and most dishes are prepared with codfish. Nevertheless, the fish caught in portuguese waters is great and very assorted, much lke the seafood you can find.

Being one of the most turistic destinations in Portugal, Algarve has also many diferent dishes forming a diversed and rich gastronomy, pulling together all the recipes of the coast line and the country. Some of the main fish dishes are seafood soup, roast octopus, grilled squid, Algarvian fish stew, and many more.

If you prefer meat, there's also many dishes you can choose from, like lamb, or grain stew with oxtail. snails with oregano, cataplana pork meat with clams, garlic soup, migas with cockles, breadsoups and much more.

Despite all the food, the most recognized specialty of Algarve's gastronomy are the sweets and desserts.
Many of Algarve's desserts are made with almonds, honey and fig jam, and become the most delicious temptations. From the Dom Rodrigos, to the Morgadinhos, chila pudding, almold or fig cheese, sponge cake with almonds, and many other specialties.

You can enjoy the best dessert tradition, dating back to the Discoveries Era. And beacause most of them come from convent and monastery traditions, they are known as convent sweets (doces conventuais).




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