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London Community Gospel Choir

London Community Gospel Choir

The Silves' Castle will be the host of the fantastic voices brought by Reverend Bazil Meade, Lawrence Johnson, Delroy Powell and Francis John: the London Community Gospel Choir.

The choreography, the voices and the soul of this performers will bring the best of the gospel, funk, dance music and R'n'B.

(Silves' Castle)

July, 9th (22h00)

15 euros

(09-07-2011 - 09-07-2011)
  • Celebrating Andrew Lloyd Webber

    On July 23rd, Vale do Lobo celebrates Andrew Lloyd Webber, with an event performed by Sofia Escobar, John Addison and Algarve's Orchestra. Sofia Escobar and the tenor John Addison will perform themes like "The Music of The Night" (Phantom



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