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Storm causes Beach Damage and Destruction

Storm causes Beach Damage and Destruction

Right after new year's eve, the bad weather attacked Algarve. Especially in the beach area. The storm removed the beach sand of some beaches.

Bridges and roads cut, floods, farmings destroyed...

The storm hit the beaches that, according to the Marine Zone Commander, became naked, without any sand: "the bad weather provoked a sweep in many beaches. Instead of sand, there was only rocks", explained the commander.

However, the summer season is still far away, so there is still time to fix it.

The more damaged beaches were:  Fuzeta. Cancela, Faro, Garrão, Salema and Vale do Lobo. Being Vale do Lobo the most affected.

The damage extended to the agricultural fields and vineyards in about eleven hectares: "Everything is flooded and destroyed", said Gilberto Ferro, president of the Irrigators Association.

In Lagos, the restaurant 'Chef Artur' suffered its fourth flood, in a short time period, due to the rising of sea level, in a loss over 300€ in food.

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