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New Year's Eve in Algarve

New Year

2011 is almost here, so it's time to plan the New Year's Eve. Looking for a place to stay and celebrate New Year? Welcome to Algarve!

Destinations like Albufeira, Vilamoura or Vale do Lobo always guarantee a lot of fun to the visitors, makeing them feel like home.

From the cozy fireplace, to the pumping dance floors of Algarve's nightlife, you chose your fun.

See our sugggestions of cheap hotels and other options, and have a Happy New Year

  • Albufeira


     The cirty of Albufeira, from the arabic "al-buhayra" which means, the lagoon,  is in the Faro district, and has around 13600 residents. It was established in 1504.

    It is a 140,91 km2 area, with 23 beaches.

     Hotels in Albufeira

  • Alvor


     Alvor is a little city with 4980 residents and is located by the city of Portimão.

    Its name has arabic origins: Al-burdj, that means fort or castle.

      Hotels in Alvor

  • Armação de Pêra


     Armação de Pêra is a very appreciated village by the visitants, not only during the Summer. It's full of life, all year: beach, concerts, sports, nightlife and a lot of history too.

     There lives more than 3700 people, in a 9,15km2 area.

      Hotels in Armação de Pêra

  • Carvoeiro

    carvoeiro.jpg Carvoeiro was established as village in 2001, although it was constructed in 1985. It occupies a 14,12 km2 area and there lives around 2790 people.

    Its ex-libris is exactly the beach of Carvoeiro. If you enjoy beaches and golf, this is the perfect place.

     Hotels in Carvoeiro

  • Faro

    faro.jpg Faro is the biggest city in Algarve, since it's district capital. It's a very cosmopolitan city, mainly due to the airport, that provides the visit of thousands of people through the year.If you wish to spend a good time, Faro is perfect for you.

     Hotels in Faro

  • Lagos


     This city, with over 14600 residents, occupies a 213,92km2 area and it was established in the 19th century b.C, so therefore, a lot of history.

    14 beaches and a rich nightlife are what this city provides to the thousands of the visitors every year.

     Hotels in Lagos

  • Monte Gordo


     Only 3 km away from Vila Real de Santo António, Monte Gordo used to be a fisher village. It was also a pioneer to tourism industry in Algarve, when in the 60s was builded the first of many hotels in the area. Monte Gordo offers you a very nice beach, weather and a beautiful sighseeing.

     Hotels in Monte Gordo

  • Portimão


     Portimão is one of the tourism centers of Algarve & it was stablished in the 15th century, so it is a very historic place. It is also the stage of the International championship Formula 1 and many others sports events.

    Portimão offers you many beautiful beaches and fun nightlife.

     Hotels in Portimão

  • Quarteira

    PraiaQuarteira.jpg Quarteira was established as city in the 1999. Since the 60s it's a very popular destination, due to its weather and beach conditions.

    It has very rich gastronomy traditions. If you enjoy good food, you are very welcome here. It offers you Aquashow, a fun water park.

      Hotels in Quarteira

  • Vilamoura

    vilamoura2.jpg Vilamoura is one of the best destinations in Europe for holidays. It provides you a lot of good activities from sports (golf, tennis, scubadiving) to nightlife (casinos, clubs), and offers you a lot of good beaches.

     Hotels in Vilamoura

  • Tavira

    ilha-de-tavira.jpg  Tavira, which was established in 1926, is one of the prettiest areas in Algarve to visit, with over 10 600 residents. Fishing and agricutlure, as well as tourism, are the main productions from the village.

      Hotels in Tavira

  • Vale do Lobo



     Vale do Lobo is mostly known for the golf courts. If you enjoy the sport, there is a lot of resorts and hotels when you can practise it, and also relax to many of the spas that hotels in the area have.

    You can also visit Almancil, a little village, very near to Vale do Lobo.

    Hotels in Vale do Lobo



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